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the brand

Raised between New York City and the Amalfi coast, Francesca Cretella brings the essence of these two realities alive through her brand. each design is reminiscent of her magical summers in positano, her playful sense style and her passion for sustainabILITY and the environment. Through tiles, flowers, colors and specific motifs found along the coast, rêve embodies the beauty and character of Positano through each collection with a free-spirited and playful approach. Designed and made in Italy, francesca combines classic cuts with modern prints, creating elegant and sexy swimwear for all shapes and sizes. ​



Rêve is a resort wear brand with a purpose. Each piece uses sustainable materials, turning regenerated Nylon from fishnets and plastic found in the ocean, in to beautiful, form-fitting, comfortable fabrics. From the tags to the accessories, each component is created with the environment in mind and with the aim to help one of our world's greatest gifts: our waters. 


The materials are made with Carvico Vita(Econyl) out of 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane. The fabric is hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretchy, soft and breathable, creating luxurious comfort. 

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